Managed Print Services (MPS) can take your printing infrastructure from so-so to outstanding. MPS is about more than just printers. It’s everything related to printers, their output, supplies and support, the way you use documents, and the people and processes that intersect with each of these. MPS helps you gain visibility and control of document processes and costs. This ultimately saves money, automates steps, boosts productivity, and improves document security and environmental sustainability.

With end-to-end MPS, you can track your entire document environment. It is not restricted to reducing the usage of paper or printing; it is much bigger than that. If your business is evolving, you must opt for advanced MPS which will help you meet your information challenges not only in the current scenario, but also in the future. Since the use of tablets and smartphones has expanded over the past few years, a lot of additional complexities have come up in the print environment. And this is where G Tech’s MPS help you the most. We offer you a strategy that enables you to track every single print job that is taking place within the organisation.

G Tech’s Managed Print Services follow a holistic approach for improving the print architecture of your organisation. We help you align the devices with your business mission, and manage everyday services to ensure optimal uptime. By opting for G Tech’s services, you will be able to ensure fewer prints, fewer devices, improved productivity and lower costs.

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